How do I write a reference for an intern?

How do I write a reference for an intern?

Therefore, according to Article 109 of the trade regulations, interns have a legal right to a job reference. The law also stipulates that the internship certificate must be formulated clearly and understandably. Moreover, it must be true and benevolently worded.

What goes in the introduction of an internship report?

The aim of the introduction in your internship report is to formulate introductory thoughts on your internship report. These include, for example: your motivation for choosing the internship, your own previous experience, the application process and your expectations of your internship.

What goes in the introduction of a report?

Place the W-questions in your report as follows:In the introduction, the answers to the W-questions belong: Who? What? In the main part you write the answers to the W-questions: What? As? Finally, you go into the following W-question: What consequences?

What goes in a final report?

As a rule, a final project report is to be written at the end of the project. According to DIN 69901, it contains the ‚Äúsummary, concluding description of tasks and results achieved, of time, cost and personnel expenditure as well as, if necessary, references to possible follow-up projects. “

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