How do I write a request for a quote?

How do I write a request for a quote?

Inquiry for an offer / serviceAddress.Date. (In the subject line) Inquiry. Salutation.Information on how you became aware of this provider.Please for catalog / prospectus / information material, price lists, price scale, terms of sale and delivery .Thanks in advance. More entries …

How do I respond to an offer?

Reply to an offer you have received You would like to (2) we hereby (3) inform you that we accept your offer. (1) Letters usually begin with reference if they do not begin with in the appendix. Stay away from this old-fashioned phrase. (2) Do you just want to or do you?

What does an offer include?

Which content belongs in a correct offer? The exact description of the service or the product. Price and number or duration of the service. Date of the offer, as well as a validity date. Delivery period. A reference to the terms and conditions. Your terms of payment. Place of fulfillment. Shipping costs & expenses. Further entries… •

What is an offer?

The offer (or application) is a declaration of intent through which the offeror requests a specific person to purchase a specified product under specified conditions. The display of goods with price information on the shelves of a self-service shop is usually considered an offer.

What should an offer look like?

A description of the delivery as precisely as possible (the type, description, quality and price of the goods or the type, scope and remuneration of the service)

When is an offer binding?

In principle, every offer of a contract that is made to someone personally is binding, unless the obligation is expressly excluded, e.g. B. by the note “Offer subject to change”. Then contracts that have come about through silence can also be binding.

How do I make an offer?

We have summarized the seven most important steps if you want to create an offer: Step 1: Arouse the interest of the customer. Step 2: Obtain precise information for the offer (e.g. Step 3: Create a written offer. Step 4: Offer to the customer send.

In what form can an offer be submitted?

An offer can be submitted informally (verbally, by telephone), but the written form is common.

What is an offer legally?

With the offer, legally known as an application, the provider (trader, service provider) addresses a specific person and explains to him the conditions under which he is willing to deliver goods or to perform a service. The provider is legally bound by his offer.

What is the legal effect of an offer?

Since the offer is a unilateral declaration of intent that must be received, it becomes effective upon receipt by the recipient of the offer (Section 130 BGB). If someone applies to someone else to conclude a contract, he is bound by the application in accordance with Section 145 BGB, which means that the offerer cannot revoke his application.

What is the legal effect of an offer for the recipient?

An offer is always binding according to § 145 BGB. However, binding to the offer (including application) can be excluded (using empty phrases such as “subject to change”, “without obligation”). The binding effect means that the recipient of the offer can have a contract concluded at any time by means of a unilateral declaration of acceptance.

When is an offer considered accepted?

An offer must be accepted by those present (verbally or by telephone) immediately (Section 147 (1) BGB); those who are absent can only be accepted up to the point in time at which the applicant can expect the answer to be received under regular circumstances (Section 147 (2) BGB).

In which cases is an offer not binding?

Subject to change and non-binding: The offer is not legally binding. Basically: Whoever submits an offer is legally bound to it. If your correspondent replies with an offer, you must expressly reject it if you do not want to accept it.

Is a signed offer binding?

A contract is a mutual declaration of intent. The craftsman declares his will with the offer, you declare your will by signing this offer. A contract has thus come about. This is of course binding.

Will an offer be signed?

Accordingly, written offers must be signed. The written form based on this is based on Section 126 (1) of the German Civil Code (BGB). According to this specification, the offer must have been “personally signed with your name”.

How long is a signed offer valid?

In 145 BGB it says: “Anyone who requests someone else to conclude a contract is bound by the request, unless he has excluded the obligation. “An offer expires if it is rejected or not accepted in time. That is in 146 BGB.

Who can sign offers?

Ralf Leinemann from Leinemann & Partner recommends craft businesses: “If the boss is not in the house on the day the offer is submitted, a journeyman or secretary can also be commissioned to sign the offer. Important: The order must be available at the time of signature.

Who can sign legally binding?

A legally binding signature for a company (or “sign” or “sign” in the legal language) can be signed by those persons who are authorized to do so. For companies registered in the commercial register, the so-called below) – can be found in the extract from the commercial register.

Is an offer valid without a signature?

You order something via the Internet – and you have already entered into a contract without having to sign. Offers on the Internet, for example from online shops, are also not signed. Therefore: Offers that you receive by email or send yourself are binding.

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