How do I write a research sketch?

How do I write a research sketch?

The length of the research sketch is at least one page and a maximum of two pages (DIN A4, one and a half lines, Times New Roman). The majority of the research sketch must be written in full sentences (except for lists and the like) and provided with meaningful subheadings.

What do I write in the method section?

The method part only appears in the structure of a scientific paper if you are working empirically. This can be, for example, a survey, a content analysis or an experiment. In all cases, the method part serves to ensure the intersubjective verifiability of your investigation.

How do you formulate a scientific question?

It is best to formulate the question as a W-question. Answering the question at the end of the thesis is your scientific contribution. The research question must be in the introduction after the introduction to the topic. It limits the scope of the material and enables targeted work.

What’s a problem question?

A discursive text cannot always be traced back to a single problem. In any case, the key questions of a text can be determined, these are the most important questions that a text answers. The problem question should then be understood as the most important of these, i.e. the question around which a text revolves.

What does the introduction say?

In the introduction you introduce the readers to the topic; give a brief overview of the most important literature that you have used (state of research or define the goal of your work; explain the path that leads you to this goal ( Method reflection).

How long does the introduction of the bachelor thesis have to be?

Gruber, Huemer & Rheindorf speak of a volume of around five percent of the total length (one page for a 20-page paper) (2009: 98). So you can say that the introduction of the bachelor thesis or term paper should be around five to 15 percent of the total length of the text.

How long is the bachelor thesis discussion?

How long should a discussion be? A discussion should make up between 5-10% of your work. So if you have a bachelor thesis of 30 pages, that’s between 2 – 5 pages.

How many pages in the bachelor thesis do you create per day?

1-1.5 pages per day as a guideline This is completely normal. On other days, writing works better again, you get into a flow. And maybe then you put two pages on paper. That may not sound like a lot at first, but it is definitely above average.

What does a good bachelor thesis look like?

Here are some criteria for a good bachelor thesis: First of all: make it clear to yourself whether you have understood the topic correctly and think about how you want to treat it. What should the main findings of the work be? How do you want to work towards these findings in a focused manner?

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