How do I write a statement about a book?

How do I write a statement about a book?

Structure of the statementIntroduction. Reference to the occasion (What is it about? Main part. Justification of one’s own point of view through arguments (sorted from the weakest to the strongest argument, so that the argumentation becomes stronger over time.) Final part.

How do you start an opinion?

The Introduction Like many texts, the Opinion has three parts: an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the introduction to the statement, you set out what you are commenting on. Introduce briefly by also briefly writing what opinion you represent.

How long does an opinion have to be?

As a rule of thumb for the length of a text, three arguments is usually a good amount. Of course you can also write more or less, but then there is a risk that your argument will either appear too thin or too small or that you will overwhelm the reader with your opinion.

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