How do I write an application email?

How do I write an application email?

When applying by email, there are two options for the text of the email: The cover letter is used as the text of the email. Only 1-3 sentences are included in the text of the e-mail, the cover letter is sent as an attachment.

What do you need to apply?

An application consists of the cover sheet (not mandatory)Application photo (current and from the photographer)Third page (not mandatory)Annex list.Copies of certificates of the degrees achieved (e.g. certificates of further training, qualifications if necessary and only add on request!Further entries…

What to do instead of studying?

The “world” shows five alternative ways that you can also get a dream job. It’s not too late to find a good place to study. training instead of studying. You don’t have to go to college after you graduate. Voluntary social year (FSJ) internship. experience abroad.

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