How do I write an application for the police?

How do I write an application for the police?

Police application: Cover letter with meaningful content. No empty phrases. Do not repeat the CV. Do not copy others. No subjunctive. Answer four W-questions. Arguments with enthusiasm. Prove your skills with examples. Score with knowledge about the police. More Entries… •

Which testimony is important for the police?

For the middle service: Graduation certificate class 10 or semi-annual certificate, if no degree has yet been completed. For the senior service the same only the final or half-year report of the 12th grade. You need at least a secondary school diploma and you must be good at sport, and a good general education is also important.

What grades for the federal police?

In order for your application to be successful, you should have achieved at least a grade of 4 (sufficient) in the subjects German and English and at least a grade of 3 (satisfactory) in the subject of sport on your diploma.

What do you need to become a federal police force?

For training in the middle service you need a secondary school leaving certificate with completed vocational training or a middle school leaving certificate. The Federal Police requires at least a high school diploma for studies in the higher service. In any case, applicants must be able to communicate in English.

What documents do I need to apply to the Federal Police?

A more classically designed application with the usual documents is recommended. This means that you must submit at least one application letter, a curriculum vitae as well as your certificates and evidence to the responsible personnel office of the Federal Police.

How do I apply to the Federal Police?

After successfully registering, you can fill out your application online via the career page of the Federal Police. Missing documents, certificates or medical reports will be sent to the Federal Police by post. If I’m not mistaken, you can even fill out an application right there.

What do I have to do if I want to become a police officer?

Becoming a police officer: the prerequisites For the higher service one usually needs the university entrance qualification or technical college entrance qualification. For the middle service, the secondary school leaving certificate is required, or a secondary school leaving certificate with completed vocational training.

What kind of average do you need to become a police officer?

If you would like to apply for the high-level police enforcement service, you must not be more than 31 years old. But then you need the Abitur, the technical college entrance qualification or an equivalent educational qualification and a grade point average of at least 3.0. You must also have a class B driving license.

Which subjects are important for customs?

If you are aiming for an apprenticeship at customs, you should have at least a secondary school leaving certificate in connection with an appropriately completed vocational training … Good grades in the subjects: Economics and Law. German.Mathematics.Sport.

How do I apply to customs?

Where can I apply? The customs administration trains in the districts of its main customs offices. You can apply for any main customs office nationwide. In addition to your preferred main customs office, you have the option of specifying alternative main customs offices.

What can you do at customs?

Customs … controls the import and export of goods, collects customs duties and implements international agreements. Applies excise taxes for the federal government (e.g. fights illegal work and wage dumping. Also has police powers to combat customs and tax crimes.

What areas are there at customs?

Customs declarations, interrogations, searches, provisional arrests and interrogations, tobacco or alcohol tax or the correct commercial registration of goods – whether in the office or in the field. All of this is customs.

Where does the customs train?

Classes take place at the training centers of the Federal Finance Administration’s Education and Science Center (BWZ), for example in Münster, Plessow near Potsdam, Leipzig, Rostock or Sigmaringen. You will complete the practical training phases at the customs offices of your main training office.

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