How do I write an application for the university?

How do I write an application for the university?

Application documents are usually required from private universities, technical colleges or when applying for a master’s degree, as the application process is often very extensive. The most important documents are a cover letter, usually in the form of a letter of motivation, and the curriculum vitae. 6 days ago

How do I apply for a semester abroad?

How and when do I apply for a semester abroad? If you decide to spend a semester abroad, first find out more on the website of the International Office of your university or personally via partner universities.

How can I apply for Erasmus?

As a rule, the application for an Eramus scholarship only takes place once a year, usually in December. There are no further application deadlines for the summer semester. In any case, you should inquire on the website of your university or on the notices in front of the responsible Erasmus office.

How do I do a semester abroad?

Stay abroad during your studies As a rule, a semester abroad is only available after two semesters, so that you can get to know important course content at your university before your stay abroad. During your semester abroad, you will then take the courses that match your studies.

Where should I do my semester abroad?

Studies This is how the semester abroad becomes a career advantage1 / 11. Cramming at home is boring, more and more German students think and go abroad to study. What they study there differs from country to country. 2 / 11th place 10th Denmark. 3 / 11th place 9th Spain. 4 / 11th place 8th Sweden. 5 / 11th place 7th China. 6 / 11th place 6th France. 7 / 11th place 5th USA.

How can you finance a semester abroad?

Education loan. In addition to BAföG financing, you have the option of financing the costs of your semester abroad with an educational loan. The education loan is a temporary, low-interest loan that is calculated independently of your income and your parents’ income and assets.

What do you need for a semester abroad?

Packing list for the semester abroad: These things must have a universal adapter and multiple socket. Power bank. Lock for the locker. Inflatable pillow, earplugs and eye mask. Neck pouch or fanny pack. Flip flops and sports shoes. Zip bag for hand luggage. Medicines, plasters & Co.

How much does a semester abroad cost?

A semester abroad costs 500 – 2,000 euros per month. The exact costs mainly depend on your destination country and cannot be generalized.

What do you do in a semester abroad?

In addition to planning travel, accommodation and financing, the bureaucratic and study-related details must also be clarified with your university. So before you can start your semester abroad, numerous visits to the authorities, boring technical discussions and confusing forms are waiting for you.

How often can you do a semester abroad?

Multiple mobility. Several stays abroad are possible per study phase via the ERASMUS program, both for studies and for internships. The total stays may not exceed 12 months (Bachelor, Master, PhD) or 24 months (state examination, diploma).

Can you do two semesters abroad?

You can generally go abroad several times as part of your studies, there are initially no restrictions on the part of the university. Whether this makes sense depends on several factors and cannot be answered across the board.

Should I do a semester abroad?

Despite the disadvantages: We strongly recommend studying internationally for one or two semesters. You will not forget these experiences your whole life! A good alternative is an internship abroad or – if you dare – to go abroad for the whole of your studies.

How long is a semester abroad?

The length of the semester abroad depends on the country in which you are going to study. Therefore it usually varies between 3 and 6 months.

How long does an Erasmus last?

Length of time. Your study stay abroad lasts at least 3 months (or an academic trimester) and a maximum of 12 months.

What does a semester abroad mean?

As the name suggests, a semester abroad refers to a stay abroad during your studies, which is usually limited to one semester. During the semester abroad, you attend regular courses of a degree program at a foreign university.

How many students do a semester abroad?

71 percent of all students now spend at least three months abroad. The proportion of Bachelor students was even higher at 75 percent. Number Almost 2.8 million students were enrolled in Germany in the 2015/2016 winter semester. Two years earlier the number was 2.6 million.

How many Germans study medicine abroad?

Those who go abroad are not alone in making this decision: a total of around 130,000 German students studied abroad in 2014 alone. The number has doubled within 10 years (in 2004 there were around 65,000 German foreign students).

Where do Germans study abroad?

The number of German students abroad increases by two percent to around 139,000. Bonn, 5.12.2104 According to an annual survey by the Federal Statistical Office, more and more Germans are studying abroad. The most popular host countries in 2012 were Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Great Britain.

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