How do I write an application rejection?

How do I write an application rejection?

Dear Ms. / Mr. Name of your candidate, thank you very much for your speculative application and the interest shown in our company. Unfortunately we have to inform you that at the moment we do not have any vacancies that match your qualifications.

Does the works council have a say in employment contracts?

The works council has the right to be informed about the recruitment of additional AN according to ยง 99 Paragraph.

How should she behave if the works council refuses to do so?

If the works council refuses to give its consent, the employer must call the conciliation body if he still wants to carry out the measure. The arbitration board then makes a binding decision for the employer and the works council on whether and how the measure subject to co-determination may be carried out.

Can the works council waive participation rights?

The works council can neither waive the exercise of a co-determination right, nor can the co-determination right be forfeited.

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