How do I write an apprenticeship application?

How do I write an apprenticeship application?

An application for training basically consists of: a cover letter (never longer than one A4 page), your résumé (no longer than two A4 pages) and certificates.

What do you have to consider if you quit yourself?

If an employment relationship ends, employers have to fulfill certain obligations. This includes, in particular, the handing over of the working papers to the employee. In the past there was often a dispute about which working papers actually had to be handed over.

What do you get after a termination?

After the termination, the employment agency will help. If you lose your job, you should register your claims with the employment agency as soon as possible – otherwise you may be barred from unemployment benefits for several weeks. Ideally, you should register as jobseeker at least three months before your employment contract expires.

Can i quit my job?

Termination during the probationary period Two weeks are required by law and termination can be made at any time. This means that you can cancel on any day, as long as you keep the two-week deadline.

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