How do I write an epic analysis?

How do I write an epic analysis?

The analysis and interpretation of an epic text is similar to that of a dramatic or lyrical text. You start with an introduction and a brief synopsis. This is followed by a transition with an interpretation hypothesis, the main part and finally the conclusion.

In a comment you express your own opinion and justify your assessments. So you should make your own point of view clear and strengthen it with arguments. You can also bring in arguments that speak against your thesis.

How do I write a statement in English?

The structure of a statement (statement or comment) is very simple: The structure of the statement.Introduction: Name the topic it is about! Main part: Formulate arguments with examples, preferably in a good order! Conclusion: Draw a conclusion and make yours Opinion together again!

What is important when making a statement?

In a statement, you give your opinion (your own point of view) on a topic (issue) in writing. It is important that other people understand your point of view. But how can others best understand my opinion?

How do I comment on a statement?

In a statement, you have to put forward arguments. You can do this by developing a thesis (assertion) about your point of view and backing it up with arguments (reasons + examples). Your argument is always convincing if you explain it in detail and logically, justify and substantiate it.

In what form is a statement written?

The statement can be formulated in the form of a letter to the editor, a comment, a complaint or request, as well as a suggestion. However, the statement not only plays a role in correspondence, but can also be presented orally.

What time do you have to write a discussion?

A discussion should therefore be written in the present tense.

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