How do I write an introduction to a passage?

How do I write an introduction to a passage?

these are two different things. the introduction is where the author, title, year of publication, text genre and the topic (roughly) are in it. in the introduction you only go into the parts before the scene. that is, if you are supposed to write something from chapter 5, you describe what is written in chapters 1-4.

How do you describe a scene?

The synopsis of the respective scene: Write in the present tense and reproduce exactly the content of the situation in the same order as described, but if possible do not use quotations here. Name the linguistic means used by the author in the scene: for example metaphors, alliteration or symbols.

What discussion strategies are there?

strategies. Can you identify conversation strategies with which the goals are to be achieved, e.g. E.g.: conceal, deceive, disguise, play down, dramatize/exaggerate, praise, threaten, devalue/upgrade, play down, on something/sb.

What is a communication analysis?

Communication Analysis – Jg. 9-13 It is to be examined how the specific circumstances of the situation, the actions and the contributions to speech or conversation influence each other.

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