How do I write my motivation?

How do I write my motivation?

Formally, the letter of motivation, like the cover letter in the application, contains a letterhead (name, address, e-mail and telephone number), date (right-justified), heading, introduction, main part, conclusion, greeting and signature. However, you can do without the recipient address in the letter of motivation.

What must be in a letter of motivation?

A letter of motivation includes information about you, your skills, talents and experiences, the why and your motivation. But also to the fit between you and the position, the master’s course, the international program or the foundation.

What can you write in a letter of motivation?

The following content should not be missing in your letter of motivation: Technical competencies (hard skills) Personal strengths (soft skills) Identification with the potential employer, professional and private goals, relevant experience and skills, social commitment.

Is a letter of application a letter of motivation?

The letter of motivation follows within the application on the cover letter and curriculum vitae. If the cover letter and curriculum vitae are longer than one page or if you add an optional cover sheet to your application portfolio, the letter of motivation can of course only appear after the third page in your application.

How do you write a letter of motivation for an apprenticeship?

In general, a letter of motivation consists of the following eight components: Header: In the header you can once again list your contact details (i.e. name, address, telephone number and email address). Heading: Contact person: Introduction: Main part: Closing part: Farewell: Signature:

Why dual study letter of motivation?

The letter of motivation is part of the application for a dual study program. Here you explain your career to date and explain why you would like to complete a dual course of study in this company or university. You apply directly to a company that offers a dual study program.

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