How do I write references correctly?

How do I write references correctly?

For the information you usually need the first and last name of the author, the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication and the page. The source for a book according to the German citation style looks like this: ¹First name, name, title of the work. Place: publisher year, page.

When to quote directly and when to quote indirectly?

Indirect quotation vs. In addition to the indirect quotation, you can also use the direct quotation in your academic work. In comparison to the indirect quotation, the direct quotation is a literal quotation, in which you take the content of the source directly from the source and put it in quotation marks.

How to quote directly?

You take direct quotations directly from the original source that you want to quote. The quotation is always in quotation marks and depending on which citation you use, the source is given in brackets or in a footnote at the bottom of the text.

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