How do the W questions go?

How do the W questions go?

Under the Wh questions method we understand questions that are in the form of a question sentence, beginning with a Wh question word. These W question words are also called interrogative pronouns. As the name suggests, interrogative pronouns belong to the part of speech of pronouns. That is, they stand in place of a noun.

What is the W questions?

Overview of possible wh-questionssupplementw-questionstatementgenitivewhose watchthis is Ute’s watch.situationalwhereon the table.directivewhereto the university.directivewherefromfrom Mexico City.7 more lines

Where are prepositional complements?

The position of prepositions in a sentence Prepositions cannot stand alone in a sentence. As a rule, they are placed in front of a reference word, usually a noun or a pronoun. The reference word is often supplemented by other words, so-called noun companions (e.g. article).

Where or to where accusative dative?

The accusative is required when the verb indicates a change of location or direction. The question word is “where to”. The dative is required when the verb has a suffix of local meaning asking for a place.

Where question accusative?

The accusative is a grammatical case (Latin casus), in traditional German grammar it is classified as the 4th case. In German, the question Wen oder was serves as a test for proving an accusative object. (Example: I give the man his hat back.

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