How do you add a film to the bibliography?

How do you add a film to the bibliography?

Harvard citation In the bibliography the following applies: Last name, first name (year): Film title [Träger/Medium], Production country / production location: Production company. Example: Curtiz, Michael (1942): Casablanca [Film], USA: Warner Bros First National Pictures.

How do I write a reference?

You enter book sources in the bibliography using the Harvard citation method: Name, first name (publisher) (year), title of the work, edition, place of publication, for example: Mustermann, Max (2020), reference book, 1st edition, Berlin .

How do I quote from a video?

What information do I have to provide when citing videos? Full title of the video. Name or username of the creator (not that of the operator of the channel; this is irrelevant) Full title of the source page and a full URL. If available, the date of the video creation. Others Entries… •

How do you correctly indicate sources from the Internet?

Therefore, when citing internet sources, you always have to enter the URL and the respective access date. While you give a short reference to the respective internet source in the text, the bibliography contains the complete source information.

How do I cite sources in the footnote?

It is best to write the source information in a so-called “footnote”. To do this, place the cursor at the point where the footnote is to be inserted. Then select in the menu: Insert> Reference> Footnote.

How do I cite sources in a thesis?

For every quotation it is necessary to cite the source. At the end of the verbatim quote, the reference to the source is placed in square brackets. The full list of sources can be found in the bibliography.

How do I enter multiple authors in the bibliography?

In contrast to the references in the text, all authors’ names must be mentioned in the reference in the bibliography. If there are three or more authors, the first author with the last name is mentioned first. All other authors are indicated with a / separated by a first name and last name.

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