How do you address a mayor in a letter?

How do you address a mayor in a letter?

“Or” Professor “are official titles and professions such as” Mayor “,” Lawyer “or” Pastor “not directly in front of the name of the person concerned, but in the address in the line above after the word” Herr “or” Frau “.

How do you address a pastor in a letter?

The salutation should be “Dear Pastor”. The address “Your Reverend”, which is less common today, would be even more formal. If you know the priest well, you can address him with “Dear Mr. Pastor / Chaplain, surname” or “Dear Mr. Pastor / Chaplain”.

What is a provost in the church?

Provost, older (up to the 19th century) Probst, ‘head of the external affairs of a chapter, monastery’ (in the Catholic Church), ‘higher ecclesiastical office bearer’ (in some Protestant regional churches), ahd.

What is the correct salutation for a bishop?

Salutation. The proper address of a bishop is “Excellency”, “Most Revered Lord” or “Mr. Bishop”, for an archbishop it is “Mr. Archbishop”. The formal address of a cardinal is “Your Eminence” or “Mr. Cardinal”.

Who do you address with excellence?

According to the German convention and protocol, Excellencies (salutation + address: His Excellency (Abbreviation His Excellency the Most Revered Lord (Arch) Bishop …) Orthodox titular and vicariate bishops. Personalities with the rank of Grand Cross / Grand Commander of an order of knights.

How do you write to an auxiliary bishop?

Who is addressed and how? Heads of the ruling royal and grand-ducal housesRoyal HighnessPatriarchHelicityArchbishopExcellentBishopExcellence or Most Revered Lord Auxiliary BishopExcellent or Most Revered Lord18

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