How do you apply to Aldi?

How do you apply to Aldi?

For us, a complete application includes a tabular curriculum vitae and relevant certificates. Use your own résumé or, alternatively, fill out our template. Depending on the position, additional documents may be required. You can generally send your application to ALDI SD.

Why apply to Aldi?

What qualities do you value in applicants? At ALDI SD, we attach great importance to a pleasant working atmosphere and customer-friendly service. That is why we always look forward to candidates who have a passion for retail and who enjoy dealing with people.

How do you write an application for Aldi?

Dear Sir or Madam, I am applying for a full-time position in your branch in XX, but I would not be averse to taking a trip in the vicinity. In 2004 I successfully completed my training as a salesperson in the V-Markt in XX.

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