How do you ask for the subject?

How do you ask for the subject?

You can ask for the subject with “What is blooming?” “The flower” So our subject is the flower. After the predicate we ask with: “What is the flower doing?” “Bloom” So our predicate is blooms. Subject and predicate can also consist of more than one word.

What are subject questions?

The subject is most often the doer who does something in the sentence. It can consist of several words, often a noun (name word) and an article (companion). You can answer it with the question “Who or what…? ” ask.

What is the subject in English?

In English, the subject is the subject of the sentence, just like in German, and it more or less has the same function there. Here the person Andrew becomes the subject and performs an action represented by the verb ‘to cook’ in a positive declarative sentence.

What is the object in English?

Definition. Objects are sentence supplements. Several objects can appear in a sentence, but they do not have to. The predicate of the sentence determines whether the object is necessary or not.

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