How Do You Beat Level 174 On Candy Crush

How to Beat Level 174 on Candy Crush

You’ve found the solution to the Candy Crush Saga level174 puzzle. This tutorial will show you how to beat the level with a cheat system focusing on the bombs first. The goal of this level is to clear the 21 jelly squares within 20 moves, while aiming for a total high score of 40,000.

Level 174 is the most difficult level in the game. Match a flower with another flower and then the pieces must match. To increase their value, you can also make matches between strawberries that are adjacent. Don’t forget to get rid of the grumpy cropsies!

There are many ways to clear meringues or jellies. Using wrapped and striped candies is a great way to clear the multilayered meringues, and you can also use special candy combinations to clear the jellies. The striped and wrapped candies work well together, and they’re much easier to make than color bombs.

You can also get higher scores by using boosters and jelly. As with any booster, you can only use them when necessary, so make sure you save them for when you need them. Another booster you can use is the coconut wheel, which can be activated before the level starts. It will help you create three striped candies.

There are some tips that can help you clear level 174 on candy crush. First, you need to break the icing, which opens up the bottom half. This will take many hits. To clear the jelly, you can also use vertically striped candies and colored bombs.

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