How Do You Beat Level 30 In Candy Crush

How Do You Beat Level 30 in Candy Crush?

You’re here to learn how to beat Candy Crush level 30. This level requires a combination of special candies to clear the board. This can be done by using striped and wrapped candy, jellies, gums and rainbow twists. You’ll also need boosters to unlock all the special candies, and the best way to get them is to collect them during events.

In addition to special candies, you’ll want to keep an eye out for falling candies. These candies are great for bringing down an Ingredient and clearing the board. Clearing a column can be done with one vertical stripe. This will allow you to quickly move the ingredient down to the bottom.

Another great cheat for level 30 in Candy Crush is to clear the jelly first. The jelly only takes one hit, which will help you to clear the board more efficiently. Clearing the jelly with ingredients on top is much more difficult. This is why it’s best to start by making moves at the bottom of the board.

As with any other level in Candy Crush Saga, it’s important to use all of your moves wisely. It may be tempting to grab special candies or free boosters right away, but it is better to save them for later levels. You can also save the special candies for individual levels.

As a bonus, if you’re having trouble with timed levels, you should use extra time candies. This will give you five seconds to complete the level. In addition to this, boosters are also useful for challenging levels. They can be earned from playing the game or purchased for money.

You can also view videos of other players beating the levels if you are stuck. These videos won’t give you exact instructions, but they will give you an idea of how you can clear the level. It’s important to clear all jelly squares in 60 turns or less. Clearing the frosted jelly is the most difficult part of the puzzle. This can make your life much more difficult.

There are a few tricks and tips that you can use to beat level 30, as you can see. Remember that the best way to complete the level is to be efficient with your moves. Try to mix four or more of the same color candies. Next, crush the candies near the ingredients. You will need to use a special candy to get the maximum score of 30000.

Taking your time is another important tip for beating Candy Crush level 30. It’s important to be strategic in your moves. This isn’t a race and there’s a limit to how many moves you can make. It is important to carefully scan the board and to swap matches that will aid you in your progress.

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