How Do You Beat Level 341 In Candy Crush

You may be wondering how to beat level 341 in Candy Crush Saga. This level’s goal is to collect six colored bombs and earn 10,000 point. Here are some tips. The right side of your board should be ignored and you should focus on the colored candies to the left. The licorice column in the middle will prevent you from placing striped candies in the right section. Instead, create two color bombs in the left section and combine them to reach the goal of level 341!

Clear the icing from your left side of the playing area. When you’re done, new candies will appear on the right side of the playing field. Match the striped candies with the normal candies to break the blocker and get more opportunities to make the colorbomb. You should repeat this process as many times as possible. This will increase your chances to clear the level.

To earn more points, you can use jellyfish or striped candy once you have completed the level. It’s also a good idea to save your boosts for the later levels and don’t use them right away. You should save boosters for the harder levels in timed levels. In timed levels, fish candies will automatically consume jellies at the end of the level. In order to earn more points, you should match four or five candies.

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