How Do You Beat Level 414 On Candy Crush

The jelly at the bottom of the screen is the main difficulty. The best way to clear it is by using special candy combinations. A vertical or horizontal match five is an effective strategy. A striped candy or a color bomb will also clear jellies easily. There are certain strategies you can try in this level. These are listed below. Hopefully, they will help you to pass the level. The next time you play the game, try these tips to get through level 414!

One of the most important tips for level 414 is to use a booster. The booster will help you to make more jellies, but it might not eat the hard to get jellies. The extra moves might be worth it if you can make more jelly candies. Similarly, you can use the lollipop hammer to remove the last few jellies. There are many more strategies, but these are some of the most effective ones.

The best strategy to beat level 414 is to use the striped candies. You can use them to take out three hit jellies in one go. This strategy may not work for the jellies on the top of the screen, but it will help you clear the last few. Then, you can play with the lollipop hammer to get rid of the last few jellies.

Another strategy for beating level 414 is to use popcorn as a special candies. This candies will help you get two jellies in the corner. If you are able to use the popcorn candies, it will help you clear the entire board. The horizontal striped candies will allow you to hit the middle popcorn jelly, which is also helpful for destroying three of the four jellies on the top.

If you want to beat level 414 of Candy Crush Saga, you need to be able to create chain reactions. If you can destroy the same candy at the top, you can create a chain reaction that will destroy the remaining pieces and score you more points. Obviously, you need to make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent this. So, use your best strategies and enjoy the game!

You can use the jelly fish booster to help you get past level 414 quickly. The jelly fish booster will not eat all of the jellies in this level, but it will take care of a few. If you don’t want to use the jelly fish booster, you can also use a lollipop hammer to get rid of the last few jellies. The last few jellies will not be removed by this method.

In Candy Crush Saga level 414, you must clear 30 jelly in 40 moves. The aim of this level is to get at least 55,000 points. To accomplish this, you must make sure that the striped candies are the right kind to use. Those candies with the horizontal stripes can take out the 2 hit jellies in the corner of the board. The vertical striped candy can destroy two of the three jellies in the middle.

If you have a lollipop hammer, you can use it to hammer the last few jellies to help you clear level 414. A vertical striped candy will take out two jellies in the corner, but a horizontal striped candies will eliminate the middle popcorn jelly. These are great tips for beating the level 414 of Candy Crush Saga. You should also make use of a jelly fish booster if you can.

In Candy Crush Saga level 414, the jellies are the hardest part of the level. The jellies are surrounded by candy canes, so you must place them strategically. This way, you can make the jelly fish eat the jellies in the middle. In addition to the jelly fish booster, you can use a lollipop hammer to remove the last few jellies.

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