How Do You Become A Snooker Referee

How Do You Become a Snooker Referee?

A training course is a great way to become a snooker referee if you are an experienced player. These courses are typically 3 to 4 days long and will teach you the necessary skills and techniques to referee a match. They will also teach you how to handle equipment and proper positioning during matches.

You must referee at least two sanctioned matches to become a Class 1 referee. The more matches you referee, the higher your chances of being approved. To earn a class 2 license, you will need to take additional exams and complete a course. Mentors are sometimes assigned to new referees by some snooker boards.

The starting salaries for snooker referees are high. The highest paid referees can earn more than PS60,000 per year, while lower-ranking players can make as little as PS50,000. It is important to remember that your salary depends on your experience.

Referees must keep a log of all appointments. Referees must also have a basic understanding of rules and their meanings. After two years of experience, referees can move up to Class 2. Referees are encouraged to seek the advice of a tutor or examiner during the upgrade process. The examiner will then arrange a suitable match for them.

Referees can earn an income as well as travel to different countries for snooker matches. The USSA, which oversees the leagues, is one of the international governing bodies for snooker. Referees can expect to travel to various places for matches, including Japan, Australia, and the United States.

Besides Marcel Eckardt, women are now beginning to become referees, with the first female official selected to officiate the 2020 Snooker World Championship final. This is partly due to growing interest in women snooker referees. Female referees are now commonplace thanks to Michaela Tabb, a pioneer in the field.

Referees are also important for the sport. The WPBSA’s coaching structure for snooker was developed with them, and their best practices have been adopted for the sport. Referees must be able read the rules and make correct decisions.

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