How do you become a social worker in the youth welfare office?

How do you become a social worker in the youth welfare office?

Your start in the youth welfare office Training in the public sector. The all-rounder in the middle service. Studies (e.g. social work) professionals for people and all their life situations a social or social science degree. Administration studies (e.g. Bachelor of Laws)

What makes a good social worker?

If the clientele plays an active role, they can influence the goals and ways of working together. If the social worker treats the client with respect, he/she trusts their ability to fundamentally manage their life and to change.

Why do you want to become a social worker?

A social pedagogue is usually a person who not only feels sympathy, but also a high degree of empathy for his fellow human beings. He is a shoulder to cry on, a good listener and has answers in questions of upbringing and education.

What are socio-educational measures?

Social pedagogy designates a branch of science of upbringing, education and welfare state intervention. In social pedagogy, an attempt is made to strengthen a person’s personal responsibility and thus their independent handling of general living conditions in society.

What is a social worker?

specialist and supports the teacher in the class independently with their individual socio-educational competence in everyday educational and teaching tasks. Socio-pedagogical specialists are state-approved educators and curative teachers as well as therapeutic specialists.

What do you need to become a social worker?

In addition to a secondary school certificate or an equivalent qualification, the prerequisite for admission is the successful completion of recognized vocational training of at least two years and, if applicable, employment or an educating or caring activity of at least seven years.

What do you learn in a social work degree?

The focal points of the social pedagogy course are upbringing, education and family. You will deal with these areas both theoretically and practically during your studies. The theoretical content comes from social work, educational science, psychology, sociology, political science and law.

In which subjects do I have to be good in order to study social pedagogy?

If you study social pedagogy, you can expect these subjects, among others: educational science.general pedagogy.psychology.curative pedagogy.didactics.methodology.sociology.politics.

Is it difficult to study social work?

Contents of the Social Work course Contrary to some prejudices, the Social Work course is very demanding. It is diverse like hardly any other course in the field of social sciences.

What can you do with social pedagogy?

Typical sectors: in youth, children’s and old people’s homes. in day-care centers and nursing homes for people with disabilities. in kindergartens and after-school care centers, in schools.

What do you do as a teacher?

Educators advise, support, teach and educate people in different areas of life. They develop funding programs and design educational processes.

How much does a Graduate Social Pedagogue earn?

A graduate social worker who runs a youth home can earn a gross monthly salary of 3,304 to 4,279 euros and a school camp manager from 2,929 to 3,602 euros. A qualified social worker earns a gross monthly salary of 2,741 to 4,037 euros as a kindergarten manager.

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