How do you cite a book with multiple authors?

How do you cite a book with multiple authors?

Several authors or editors are separated in the bibliography by a slash or a semicolon. If there are more than three authors, only the first is given and the others with an et al. referenced for et alii (and others).

How to quote from the publisher and author?

‘For’ same editor ‘or’ this. ‘For’ the same publisher ‘. Example: Identify the same author and publisher according to Harvard Müller, Thomas (2019): references or bibliography, in: ders.

What is an anthology of literature?

Anthology – definition & bibliography. An anthology is a book in which texts by various authors are published. This is done by an editor or

How do you recognize an anthology?

In a bibliography you can recognize the entry of a monograph by the fact that the name of the author (s), the book title and the publisher are given. You can recognize an anthology by the fact that the name of the editor followed by the abbreviation “Ed. “Or” Eds.

What is the difference between an anthology and a monograph?

Anthology: Means a collection of individual texts by different authors on any topic. An anthology is considered a monograph when the authors have refined and developed the individual texts together.

Is a series an anthology?

“A series of publications is a continuous collection of works, the individual parts of which generally do not appear regularly and each contain a work (individual work, collection or collective work) with its own title or a volume of such a work. “

How do I quote a dissertation?

Citing dissertations – this is how it works: First name and first name are given, separated by a comma, followed by a colon. This is followed by the subtitle of the dissertation and then, separated by a comma, as the type of publication “unv.

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