How do you cite Bible passages?

How do you cite Bible passages?

Quoting Bible passages When citing Bible passages, the book is always named first, then the chapter and finally the verse, which is separated by a comma. Example: Joh 3:16-17 (= John chapter 3, verse 16 to 17).

What is a verse in the Bible?

A Bible verse is the smallest unit of text in the Bible. Each chapter is divided into 26 verses on average. Measured by verses, the longest chapter of the Bible is Psalm 119 with 176 verses, the shortest Psalm 117 with only two verses.

How many books are there in the Bible?

So if you want to do it, send a particularly tricky headbutt and be surprised. By the way: The Bible consists of 66 books with 1189 chapters, 31,171 verses and 738,765 words. These in turn consist of 4,410,133 letters.

Why does the Bible have 66 books?

The Old Testament was canonized by Jews by the 2nd century BC, and the New Testament was then compiled by Christians in a Catholic final version by Irenaeus of Lyons in the 2nd century AD. That is why the Protestant Bible has 66 books while the Catholic has 73.

How much do you get as an author?

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How Much Does a Bestselling Author Earn?

It takes an author about two years to write a novel. A best-selling author who has earned, say, 20,500 euros from the sale of his novel has a net monthly income of 854 euros.

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