How do you cite journal articles in the footnote?

How do you cite journal articles in the footnote?

The citation in the footnote is done according to the following scheme: For journals: Author or authors (year of publication): Title. For books: Author or authors (year of publication): Title, page (s) For collective works: Author or authors (year of publication): Title. If there are several quotes:

How do I quote a volume?

(Year): main title. Series name Volume number, location. If an anthology (with contributions by different authors) is to be cited in the series as a whole, the publisher (s) of the respective volume must be named before the title of the volume. The publisher can also appear after the location.

How do you indicate paragraphs?

Correctly indicate and quote paragraphs and laws. Always name the paragraph first and then the law, e.g. “§§” is used for several paragraphs mentioned. “§ 5 f.” Denotes §§ 5 and 6.

How do you make the mark for a paragraph?

Then simply hold down the ¶ symbol and the § symbol will appear. On Android devices of the Samsung “Galaxy” series you can get to the paragraph symbol by holding down the letter “s”.

What is regulated in the BGB?

The German Civil Code (BGB) is the central codification of German general private law, whereby citizens are understood in the sense of citizens (civis). The BGB regulates the legal relationships between private individuals and is thus different from public law.

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