How do you cite multiple editors?

How do you cite multiple editors?

Several authors or editors are separated in the bibliography by a slash or a semicolon. If there are more than three authors, only the first is given and the others with an et al. referenced for et alii (and others).

How do you specify multiple authors?

3 or more authors In contrast to the references in the text, all author names must be given in the reference in the bibliography. If there are three or more authors, the first author with the last name is mentioned first. All other authors are indicated with a / separated by a first name and last name.

How do you quote an author who quotes another?

To cite a secondary citation, first name the primary literature, followed by the addition cited from ‘and the source in which you found the secondary citation. Only the source that you have actually read is listed in the bibliography. In this case that is the secondary source.

How do you quote from the book?

For the information you usually need the first and last name of the author, the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication and the page. The source for a book according to the German citation style looks like this: ¹First name, name, title of the work. Place: publisher year, page.

How do you quote from a textbook?

h) School books Last name, first name (ed.): Title with subtitle if necessary. Information on the edition, place of publication, year of publication. Examples: Günther-Arndt, Hilke / Kocka, Jürgen (eds.): History book 3.

Can you quote textbooks?

Textbooks summarize the knowledge of a subject in a compressed form and are based on published scientific sources. They are therefore classified as a secondary source. It is better to cite the original source. In some departments, quoting from textbooks is permitted.

Are manuals scientific?

In principle, all academic texts that are e.g. B. These include: monographs, manuals, articles from scientific journals and articles from specialist lexicons. Materials from archives and published dissertations can also be cited in the term paper.

How do I recognize a textbook?

Scientific journals can be recognized by the fact that they mainly publish scientific work (further indications of the scientific nature can be found below) and go through a double-blind review process, ie before articles in a scientific journal …

Where can I find specialist literature?

Aside from the university library databases, specialist literature can be found on online platforms for academic sources. Google Scholar ( and ISI Web of Knowledge ( should be mentioned here.

When is a book citable?

If one speaks of a citable source, one essentially means that it has been published publicly and is easily accessible; everyone can check where the quotes come from, that is the basic idea behind it.

How do I do a good literature research?

The literature search forms the basis for your thesis … To carry out a systematic literature search, you should follow these 5 steps: Determine keywords. Skim texts. Select suitable material. Find relevant literature. Document literature research.

How long does literature research take?

The literature research is the basis of your bachelor thesis. It is best to plan between 2-3 weeks in your time management for literature research.

How do you go about research?

Successful research on the Internet in 4 steps Step one: The art of search query. Step two: Good source, bad source – evaluate and sort information. Step three: Save information and locations. Step 4: Update – so that news also remains news.

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