How do you cite the author and editor?

How do you cite the author and editor?

‘For the same editor’ or this. ‘For the same publisher’. Example: Identify the same author and publisher according to Harvard Müller, Thomas (2019): References or bibliography, in: ders.

Is the author the editor?

An editor (abbreviated mostly ed. In singular and plural, rarely ed.) Is a person or group of people who prepares literary, journalistic or scientific texts or works by authors and artists for publication (edition).

How do I quote a book with multiple authors?

Several authors or editors are separated in the bibliography by a slash or a semicolon. If there are more than three authors, only the first is given, followed by an “et al. “For” et alii “(and others).

Where can I find the publisher in the book?

Regarding your question: In most cases you can find the year of publication of a book in the imprint of the book, which you can usually find on the back of the title page. So you have the year of publication and at the same time the location, if you want to include it.

What is the publisher of a book?

A company that makes books is called a publisher. Anyone who publishes a book does not have to look for it – just as grandpa may have misplaced his glasses. Quite the opposite: in a publishing house, handwritten, typed or computer-written pages become a book.

Where is the edition in a book?

There the second number shows the last two digits of the year of publication and the last number the edition. It is similar with the printing of the book spine. As a rule, the print is “normal” when the book is on the cover.

What is an edition of a book?

In the publishing industry, the term edition refers to the total number of copies of a publication (books, magazines or newspapers, etc.) printed according to a certain unchanged set template.

What does a new edition of a book mean?

What does a new edition mean for a book compared to the first edition? A new edition refers to the reprint of an edition.

What does unchanged edition mean?

If the editions are unchanged or have only changed slightly, they will be described with the original edition. Unchanged reprints also include editions in which only individual volumes / volumes of the original were reprinted unchanged or editions that only contain insignificant parts (e.g.

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