How do you classify an application portfolio correctly?

How do you classify an application portfolio correctly?

In summary, you should keep the following sorting of the application documents: Letter of application (one A4 page) Cover sheet (optional) Curriculum vitae Third page (optional) A copy of the certificate of the highest educational qualification (school, apprenticeship, degree) Employment references (also only copies)

What can you do if you have lost your certificate?

In any case, the all-clear first: If you have lost your high school diploma, the school secretariat can reissue the diploma for a fee – as long as the secretariat still has the data from your high school diploma saved, which is usually ten or twenty Years are mandatory to do.

Can I have a new certificate issued?

In order for you to have a certificate again, a new one must be created. The education authority in your city can most likely be able to help you with school leaving certificates. The retention period for such certificates is 50 years and they are often even free of charge.

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