How do you correctly quote from multiple authors?

How do you correctly quote from multiple authors?

If there are three or more authors, it is sufficient to include the first author and the addition ‘et al. ‘Use. The abbreviation stands for the Latin et alii, which translates as ‘and other’. Depending on the requirements of your university, all authors can be named for the first mention.

How many pages does FF mean?

With ‘f. ‚The author refers to the immediately following page and with‚ ff. ‚On at least three consecutive pages.

What is meant by FF?

stands for the plural of the abbreviation f., for “following”. ff. therefore stands for “on the next pages”. That the wrong donkey bridge ff.

What do F and FF mean when quoting?

If the quotation or the analogous adoption goes beyond one page, the indication “f.” or “ff.”: An f stands for “following” and means exactly the next page. P. 12f.

What does it mean to know from the ff?

Where does the expression “mastering something inside out” come from? In the Duden volume about idioms it says: The word comes from the commercial language. There the letter f stands for fine, ff for very fine.

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