How do you create an outline for a presentation?

How do you create an outline for a presentation?

Giving a speechHow do I structure a presentation?Title and topic of the presentation.Reason for the presentation, importance of the topic, special situation.Tasks or problems that arise from it.Goals that are important for the topic.All content and information on the topic, which will be presented during the lecture.Conclusion or core message.Outlook, next steps.More entries…•

How to create an automatic table of contents in Word?

Select the headings and format them in the style sheet. At the top, click References (References in Word 2013) and then click Table of Contents. Select Auto Table or Custom Table of Contents.

How do I make a table of figures?

Click on the desired position in the document and on the REFERENCES tab (1) in the group CAPTION go to INSERT INDEX OF FIGURES (2). Select the annotation category (1) for which the index is to be created (e.g. map). Under PAGE VIEW you can see the preview (2).

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