How do you do a case study? How do you do a case study?

How do you do a case study?

The structure of your case study Meaningful title in which the most important results are already taken up. Brief summary of the case study: challenge, solution, result. Brief company description of the customer. Challenges the customer faced.

How does a case study work?

In the case study, applicants slip into the role of a consultant, analyze and structure complex problems and develop solutions or strategies that they then present. All of this under time pressure.

When does a case study make sense?

Case study research can be useful when it comes to investigating research questions whose intention is to explore something, to describe something, or to explain the “how” and “why” of a phenomenon.

Why case studies?

Case studies tell success stories. You report on how a customer solved a specific problem with your product or service. Case studies are particularly suitable for products and services that require explanation, for example in technological industries or in the consulting area.

What exactly is a case study?

A case study or case study is often part of a selection process, especially for consulting jobs. The task is action and decision-oriented. Applicants take on the position of decision-makers faced with a specific problem.

What does a case study look like?

The structure of a case study is based on the “classic” pattern of problem, solution, result. These points give your case study structure and help you to prepare even complex projects in an understandable way.

How do I structure a case study?

You can conduct a case study in 5 steps:

  1. Set research goal.
  2. Select case.
  3. Find suitable literature & theory.
  4. Describe the case.
  5. Analyze case.

When is a study empirical?

Empirical research counts as a scientific methodology that makes statements about reality with the help of surveys, observation and measurements. In an empirical study, researchers try to check their hypotheses (theoretically derived statements) using facts and information.

What is a case study PDF?

A case study is a description or the students should use the elaboration of a case study to demonstrate that they can convert knowledge from their studies into practicable problem-solving suggestions.

What is a psychology case study?

Case study, also: case-study, individual case analysis, case analysis, case history. 1) the individual case-oriented method of personality psychology or clinical psychology in order to record the individual characteristics of a person (e.g. with the help of anamnestic-biographical data, psychodiagnostic tests).

What is a case study marketing?

A case study – more commonly referred to as a case study in marketing – uses a specific example to show how an external company has solved a problem with the help of a product or service from its own company.

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