How do you do the C with the hook?

How do you do the C with the hook?

With the standard German keyboard layout T2, / is entered with the key sequence Alt Gr + j (for the cedilla) followed by C/c. On the Swiss keyboard layout, +4 is used to enter. The capital letter can be entered via Alt +0199.

How do I make a hook in Word?

The Wingdings font palette is commonly used for different symbols. Select this from the “Font” drop-down menu. Scroll down to the last line and click the check mark. Go to “Insert” or double-click the icon to insert a check mark.

How to check boxes in Word?

Place the cursor where you want it in your Word document. Go to the Developer Tools menu and click the Checkbox Control icon. The checkbox now appears in the document. Enable or deactivate it with a mouse click.

How do I put a hook in the Excel?

Insert a check mark Place the cursor in the file where you want to insert the symbol. To open the Symbol dialog box: In the Font box, select Wingdings. In the Character Code box below, type: 252. Select the desired check mark out.

Where can I find special characters in Excel?

Add a symbol or special characterClick in the cell where you want to insert a symbol or special character.Click the Insert tab.Click Symbol in the Text group. For the first time, select a font. Double-click the desired icon or special character.

Where can I find the special character hook?

On the Insert menu, click Symbols, then click More Symbols and select the check mark from the list.

Where can I find special characters in Word?

Insert special characters using Word’s Symbol menu Place the insertion point in the text where you want the character to appear. Click the Insert tab, then click the Symbol button. If you select More Symbols, the special characters table opens.

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