How do you end a speech?

How do you end a speech?

The end of the speech should be effective, simple and memorable. Therefore, a simple message at the end is sufficient. This can be a sentence that briefly summarizes the most important things. This sentence should contain the essence of the speech.

How can I start a speech?

The introduction of the lecture focuses on the past (what was), the main part on the present (what is) and the final part on the future (what will be). Overall, a historical review – besides the serious beginning – will not go down as well as the other possibilities shown.

How do I write a graduation speech?

Set a limit for the length and length of the speech. A creative introduction will grab the audience’s attention. Make the main part logical, varied and interesting with the help of the mind map and stylistic means. Close the speech short and concise.

How do you write a speech in German?

Use short sentences that the audience will remember. Avoid complicated sentence constructions that are nested within themselves. Write as actively as possible so as not to bore the audience. In order to make the speech varied, there are pictures, examples and quotations.

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