How do you explain a statement?

How do you explain a statement?

Statements must have a clear and verifiably recognizable text reference. Despite the close text reference, statements made must represent independent formulations. The statements must have a high level of factual correctness and an accuracy corresponding to the text.

What is a key message of a book?

Definition of core statement in the German dictionary essential, most important statement in a certain context Example the book is still relevant today in its core statements.

What must everything be in a table of contents?

Type of text, author, title, place of action, time of action and topic of the text; in addition, the plot is outlined as briefly as possible. Sometimes the introduction is also referred to as a basic sentence or a core sentence. The main part of the table of contents summarizes the plot of the text.

What are the main ideas of a text?

Working out key ideas is a → reading strategy. Working out the core ideas is helpful in order to be able to understand a text. Condense list and additions to your own text (= a kind of thesis paper that records the most important statements of the text you have read) …

How can you write the end of a table of contents?

Divide the text into sections of meaning. Write an introduction to the abstract: title of the text, author, place of publication, date and type of text. Write the end of the summary: describe the effect, contribute your own opinion on the text.

What should be in the final part of a table of contents?

Conclusion of the table of contents The final part can contain a brief evaluation of the presented work (review). It is advisable to briefly address the author’s possible intentions (interpretation). But the effect that a text has on the reader is also interesting.

What do you write in a foreword?

When you write a foreword, you must put it after the title page and before the table of contents. It is given a Roman page number, but it is not included in the table of contents. Similar to the introduction and conclusion, the foreword is only written at the end.

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