How do you explain a text?

How do you explain a text?

Text-related explanation Statements must have a clear and demonstrably recognizable text reference. Despite the close text reference, statements made must represent independent formulations. The statements must be factually correct and accurate in accordance with the text.

What do you do when explaining?

When explaining, a scientific fact, e.g. For example, a term, a model or a law is presented in a comprehensible and clear manner, often using examples that illustrate the facts. Present the facts simply and clearly!

What does the word concretize mean?

Concretization (Latin concretus, “grown together, condensed, put together”) is a colloquial term used to describe a cognitive process in which a previous abstraction is replaced by more precise details.

What does clarify mean?

[1] carry out, illuminate, explain, make clear, concretize, specify, illustrate. Examples: [1] I brought a diagram with me to illustrate the connections.

What is specify?

specify, make comprehensible, illustrate, demonstrate, concretise, execute, specify, explain…

What is a precise?

precisely precise adj. ‘precisely, exactly, unequivocally, clearly’, Latinized borrowing (17th

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