How do you explain gaps in your résumé?

How do you explain gaps in your résumé?

Anything that goes beyond a period of two to three months and is not explained is considered a loophole. Basically, gaps in the résumé are periods of time in which nobody is followed up. In the personnel office, the suspicion arises: The applicant was unemployed.

What do you write on a résumé if you have been unemployed?

Do not give the periods in years. Years hide larger gaps, which makes personnel decision-makers suspicious. If the unemployment was brought about through no fault of your own, state it in your résumé. If you are currently unemployed, you should indicate this in your cover letter.

How bad is a gap in the resume?

Conclusion. So you see: a gap in your résumé is not a reason to panic and does not harm your application. Employers also know that a professional life is not always straightforward.

Who pays health insurance in the event of unemployment?

Taking over the health insurance from the office So that the costs for the health insurance are borne by the office, the unemployed must register as unemployed. As soon as an unemployed person receives benefits from the job center or the employment agency, the office also pays the costs for the health insurance.

Where am I insured if I am unemployed?

During the period in which you are receiving unemployment benefit I, you are generally obliged to take out health and long-term care insurance. This means that you automatically remain insured with TK. The Federal Employment Agency will pay the contributions for you during this period.

Who pays the health insurance during the blocking period?

The Employment Agency pays the contributions to health and long-term care insurance for you – even if you do not receive any unemployment benefit at the beginning of your unemployment due to a blocking period.

Who pays health insurance in the event of unemployment with no benefits?

No contribution payment without ALG entitlement Because if you are unemployed and do not receive any payments from the employment agency, you will not receive any additional payments to the health insurance contribution. In this respect, those affected have to take out health insurance themselves and pay the costs themselves.

Do you have health insurance if you do not receive unemployment benefits?

If you are unemployed without any benefit receipt, i.e. you are not receiving any state aid, the costs for your health insurance will not be covered either. However, since you are legally obliged to take out insurance, you only have voluntary insurance with a health insurance company.

Do you have health insurance during the blocking period?

Health insurance during the blocked period Although the right to unemployment benefits is suspended during the blocked period, insurance is compulsory at the beginning of the second month of the blocked period. The compulsory insurance begins on April 16, 2017.

Do you have health insurance if you get unemployment benefits?

If you were legally insured before you became unemployed, everything will remain as before. The employment agency is responsible for the contribution payments from now on. Even if you receive unemployment benefit II (Hartz 4), you will continue to have statutory health insurance and the contributions will be paid.

Do you have health insurance for a € 450 job?

A € 450 job does not give you health insurance. This means that there is no entitlement to sick pay. With a 451 euro job, you are entitled to sick pay from the health insurance company in the event of illness. In a 450-euro job, you are only entitled to six weeks of continued wages.

What does statutory health insurance cost without income?

If family insurance is not possible, people without income must take out voluntary statutory insurance. Then the health insurance company will require a minimum contribution. For this purpose, the fund assumes a fictitious minimum income. In 2020 this is 1,061.67 euros.

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