How do you formulate a job rejection?

How do you formulate a job rejection?

Thank you very much for your positive feedback on my application and your job offer. Unfortunately, I have to inform you that after careful consideration, I have decided on another position that suits my professional goals even better. I therefore have to withdraw my application.

How do I get my motivation back?

How can you motivate yourself? Set goals, put them in writing and question whether the goal is really worthwhile and worth striving for. Get clear about the big picture behind the goal for you. Go big undertaking as a project.

Why is intrinsic motivation better?

Intrinsic motivation drives us permanently, leads to a self-determined life and makes us happier. Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, can reduce well-being, take away the joy of work and lead to feelings of anxiety, stress or inner alienation.

How can you promote intrinsic motivation?

Try to find meaning in every task. Ask yourself what meaning an activity has for you personally. You might not feel like going for an hour jog right now. Recognize the sense that you want to live healthier and lose weight, promote your intrinsic motivation.

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