How do you get attached?

How do you get attached?

ATTENTION: Do not use the old office formulations any more. They are considered false today.

What is an attachment in an email?

An e-mail attachment is a file that is attached to an e-mail so that it can be sent with it. This can then be opened and downloaded by the e-mail recipient.

What do you call the attachment of an email?

An attachment is a document that is sent or received with an email. The documents are attached to the e-mail in the form of one or more files and have the typical document formats such as PDF, DOCX or ODT.

What is the name of an attached file in an email?

An attachment is a file that is sent as an attachment to the text of an email. Technically, this file is part of the body, but it is perceived as separate and is also treated as such in common usage.

How big can an email attachment be?

Depending on the e-mail provider, the maximum size of an e-mail including its attachment is limited to four to 35 MB. With the Link Mail function you can avoid this space limitation. The recipient receives a download link which they can use to download and open the files on their computer.

How to Attach Mail to iPhone?

iPhone: Send e-mail with attachment – this is how it works Long tap on an empty space in the mail until the small menu opens. Now tap on the small arrow on the right and then select “Photo or select a folder.” , tap the photo or video you want and choose “Select”.

How do I send a picture?

Open the Messages app. Tap a conversation or tap the New Message button (blue pencil). Tap the photo and / or video that you want to share. For a new message, add recipients in the “To” field. Tap the “Send” button (blue arrow).

How do I send funny pictures via WhatsApp?

To do this, call up the image with Safari and hold it down for a long time – then you can save it by clicking on “Save image”. Then you can forward the picture via WhatsApp and first call up the app, then open the chat and click on the small arrow next to the text field.

How can I send pictures from the Internet with WhatsApp?

How do you send pictures that you have found on the Internet? Tap the desired picture and reverberate with your finger a little longer, then a menu will appear One of the options will be Save picture (Android), on the iPhone it is Save picture.

How do I get pictures from Google on WhatsApp?

To do this, users have to open the Google Photos app and click on the round icon for their account. Select “Google Photos Settings” there. Click on “Backup & Sync”.

How can I send multiple pictures at once with WhatsApp?

In the chat menu bar, tap on the paperclip symbol and then on “Gallery” to select the images you want. To send multiple images, hold your finger down on an image until multiple selections are possible. Send the picture (s) to your contact.

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