How do you get rid of spider veins?

Simply cream away spider veins: Will it work?

Oh, if only it were as easy to get rid of the ugly purple veins as the cosmetics industry promises: then there would hardly be people with spider veins in the world. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the meantime, several manufacturers have specialized in bringing creams and lotions onto the market that are supposed to do just that: You simply smear the spots where there are spider veins with one of their cosmetic products every day, and they exist after a month at the latest Veins no more. Brilliant.

The cosmetics giants suggest something similar for wrinkles and cellulite: cream on and off the lines or dents on the skin. Stiftung Warentest never tires of proving that it doesn’t work that simple. For free. As is well known, consumer hope dies last.

So also with me. One of the manufacturers of anti-spider vein creams, BIOMED, โ€‹โ€‹wrote to me a while ago asking for one Product Review. If such a lotion is made available to me free of charge so that I can test it, it will probably do what it says on the tin. – I thought to myself and I agreed to the product review.

Goodbye spider veins: does the cream keep what it promises?

get rid of spider veins

Schnieke, but unfortunately not anymore: Goodbye spider veins from BIOMED

Shortly afterwards I received the high-quality tube with plenty of cream in it (90ml) and started to smear it. My spider veins don’t bother me too much, but if I didn’t, I would feel better. I believe.

Days passed, weeks passed, yes, a whole month passed by. I examined my spider-vein-afflicted thighs more and more meticulously. Finally it occurred to me that the intensity of the purple color of my veins even increased had. Or was I just imagining it?

I compared photos that reassured me: No, the spider veins stayed the way they were – which also means that the cream did nothing. At least nothing against the veins.

โ€œBIOMED-Spider-Veins-Adeโ€ did something after all. I increasingly devoted myself to an unsolvable problem that seemed to me more and more problematic due to the ineffectiveness of the cream. My spider veins, which I basically didn’t care about before, caused a tiny one in me Inferiority complex.

My conclusion: Better to invest your money in compression stockings ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, what the heck. I have sworn off anti-wrinkle creams – and now I’m also swearing off the anti-spider vein cream again. After all, I didn’t have to spend any money on it. The ones declared by the manufacturer 30 euro would have been too good for me.

The ABC of spider veins

  • Spider veins are mini varicose veins.
  • Whether you get them depends largely on whether the spider veins were passed on to you (weakness of the connective tissue).
  • However, you can get it without a family background: if you sit a lot, stand for a long time or generally do not move much.
  • In addition, hormonal changes, smoking, alcohol, obesity and frequent visits to the sauna can promote the development of spider veins.
What you can do against the development of spider veins:
  • Endurance training such as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming
  • Special vein gymnastics *
  • If you sit a lot, you should get up often and walk around a bit
  • Wear compression stockings under particularly heavy loads (e.g. long-haul flights)
  • Put your legs up more often
  • Alternating baths and showers

* As far as vein gymnastics are concerned, it can also be optimally integrated into everyday office life.

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