How do you give sources in a PowerPoint?

How do you give sources in a PowerPoint?

Enter the title of the book, the author, the publisher, the year of publication and the pages used. In general, the sources are always listed on the last slide of the presentation. If you have already linked sources as footnotes, you still have to enter them in the list of sources.

Why do you have to give sources?

References are used in scientific work to identify foreign ideas, for example a book or a website. The full source is made up of: Reference in the text or

What do we understand by citing a source?

A source is a reference in a publication to a source of information that has been used, for example a book or a newspaper article.

How do you quote Word with footnotes?

Insert footnotes in Word Place the cursor where you want the footnote to go. Under the References tab → Insert footnote. Word will create a hyphen and a numbered footnote at the bottom. There you can enter your source or further information.

How do you indent something in Word?

Incidentally, the quotation marks are omitted for indented quotations. To indent your quote, you must first highlight it. Then select the menu item “Layout”. In the “Paragraph” area under “Indentation” you can set the width of the indentations to the left and right of your quote.

How can you indent a line in Word?

To indent the first line of a paragraph, place the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph and press Tab. When you press ENTER to start the next paragraph, the first line will be indented.

When do you indent quotations?

Verbatim quotations that are longer than two lines can – even if they are integrated quotations – be clearly set apart from the rest of the text by adding e.g. B. be set in a narrow line, in a smaller font and with 1 cm indentation from the right and left edge.

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