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How do you hang up pictures without drilling?

You must have taken a lot of beautiful photos while on vacation or traveling. They captured your best memories of unforgettable moments and great experiences. That’s why they can’t just stay in your cell phone or end up in an album. It would be best if you could showcase some of your best photos on the wall at home. Hung there, you can see and admire them every day. Perhaps you inherited beautiful pictures in magnificent frames from your grandmother or received them from your parents. These cannot be hidden either, but rather hang up in a suitable place on the wall. But just thinking about it gives you a headache, right? Such DIY work is always associated with a lot of noise and dirt. Drilling holes in the wall is not easy, it can even hide certain risks. That is why they do without it and look for new alternatives, such as hanging up pictures without drilling.

Hang pictures without drilling – nowadays it is entirely possible!

Bilder aufhangen ohne Bohren eine schone Wandgestaltung kreieren asymmetrische Anordnung

A safe and clever way of fastening

Empty walls look ugly. That is why people like to decorate at home or in the office and the walls serve as a canvas. If you also want to spice up your interior, then you’ve come to the right place. The classic method, however, is to pick up a drill, drill holes in the wall and use nails to hang photos, pictures or decorative elements on the wall. But that causes a lot of noise and can disturb the neighbors. In addition, a lot of dust and dirt is created when drilling. It’s even more difficult in old buildings because you don’t know what’s behind the wallpaper. Electrical cables often run there, making your work difficult and dangerous. For all of these reasons clever alternatives to drilling have been devised. You can hang your pictures quickly, safely and without any dirt without drilling. Even without damaging the walls!

Hanging pictures without drilling replaces old methods of fastening.

Bilder aufhangen ohne Bohren schone Wandgestaltung Bilder in weisen Rahmen echte Kunst

There are currently new products on the market that allow walls to be decorated without drilling. Here we mean, for example, double-sided tape, sealing tape, anti-slip tape and duct tape. This high-quality range also includes Velcro tape with Dual Lock Velcro fastener and contour tape for precise masking and painting. You can find out more about this offer from the winner of the eBay Dealer Awards 2020. At Dondo.de you can have a look at the products for hanging pictures without drilling and find what you are looking for at the same time. There is sure to be something suitable for you there that exactly suits your purpose. You can easily and quickly attach beautiful photos, pictures, mirrors and other decorative items to your walls. In addition, you will be given individual advice and when you place an order, your requirements and wishes will be taken into account. You can also count on super-fast delivery.

High-quality and absolutely safe adhesive tape is a real helper for DIY in the household, in the office and even outside in the garden.

Bilder aufhangen ohne Bohren hochwertiges absolut sicheres Klebeband echter helfer beim Heimwerken

What else do you have to consider when hanging up pictures without drilling?

Decorating the walls is now quick and easy without drilling. The adhesive tapes are characterized by their good adhesive strength. However, they can only be used on clean and smooth walls. If you are in a rented apartment, first read your rental agreement again or speak to the landlord. He certainly doesn’t mind that you decorate the apartment and create a pleasant room atmosphere there, provided you don’t damage the walls. In your home you can experiment with the height and size of the pictures and create an eye-catching wall design according to your style and taste. Don’t forget, there will be no dirt or holes. Plus, you only need a few minutes to hang your favorite pictures on the wall. It’s stress-free, fast and safe! There is no risk to you or to other roommates.

Last but not least, you don’t have to be a magician to do it all yourself! We wish you a lot of fun and good luck hanging up your pictures without drilling!

You’d better leave out the “dangerous” drilling …

Bilder aufhangen ohne Bohren Klebeband von Dondo kein gefahrliches Bohren mehr

… rely on the modern alternative!

Bilder aufhangen ohne Bohren moderne Alternative des klassischen Befestigen Klebeband von Dondo

This is how you create a pleasant atmosphere in your four walls!

Bilder aufhangen ohne Bohren die Wand mit bunten Bildern gestalten eine angenehme Raumatmosphare zu Hause schaffen

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