How do you justify a job change?

How do you justify a job change?

Examples to justify your job change I would like to develop professionally / personally. The job change has family reasons. I am aiming for an international orientation. I would like to see new structures as a result of the job change. I would like to get to know a new industry.

What is an internal job posting?

In the case of an internal job posting, a current vacancy is advertised in your own company. It is therefore aimed at the employees who are already employed in a company. However, this rarely means that the position to be awarded is only offered within the company.

Do internal applications have priority?

Internal advertisement – no priority of an internal applicant. An agreed general internal job advertisement does not mean that internal applicants are preferred. This was decided by the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Regional Labor Court.

Is it compulsory to advertise public offices in Berlin?

The Federal Administrative Court ruled, however, that there is no general obligation to advertise vacancies in the public service. However, such an obligation could result from the relevant laws as well as the administrative regulations that are practiced in the agency.

How long is a job advertised?

There is no legal deadline for how long you have to publish a job posting internally. It’s good that the Federal Labor Court provided clarity with its decision of (Az .: 7 ABR 18/09).

How long is the application deadline?

For example, while one application period lasts two weeks, others last several months.

Is the job still available?

Of course, it can also be the case that several employees are being sought for the position. You can visit the company’s website and see whether the position is (still) advertised there. This can then be an indication that the position is still vacant. You can call and just ask.

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