How do you justify your salary?

How do you justify your salary?

Always justify your desired salary with good arguments, such as additional qualifications, language skills and work experience. When asked about your previous salary, tell the truth – lies are quickly exposed and are an absolute exclusion criterion.

What can you negotiate in the employment contract?

You can also negotiate benefits in the employment contract. Points can be a subsidy for fitness clubs, benefits in kind such as fuel vouchers, kindergarten subsidies or co-payments for additional insurance.

How can you negotiate better?

Negotiating successfully: With these tips it works See through the eyes of your negotiating partner. Ask as many questions as possible. Establish your minimum performance. Make the topic important and timely. Stay on topic. Do not make any specific offers.

How important is the job title in the employment contract?

The heart of the employment contract is the job description: It should not only contain a job title, but a precise description of your tasks.

What shouldn’t be in an employment contract?

Competition clause / post-contractual non-competition clause. Contractual penalty, e.g. amount that the employee has to pay if he does not start work. Final provisions / other agreements, e.g. changes to the employment contract must be recorded in writing.

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