How Do You Level Up In Fantage

If you’re wondering how to level up in Fantage, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you a brief overview of the best ways to level up. You can also increase your level through hosting events and socializing. These activities can also help you to obtain the medals you need to improve your avatar. After all, you want to have a good time in Fantage, right?

Daily quizzes are the best way to level up in Fantage. These quizzes give you stars for answering questions correctly. The more questions you answer correctly, the more levels you will earn. This quiz can only be taken once per day. Therefore, you’ll have to plan your schedule accordingly to ensure that you don’t miss any quizzes. However, if you’re really desperate, you can also play one of the daily challenges to earn more stars.

Another way to level up in Fantage is to complete missions. These missions take very little time to complete and can help you gain over 70 levels in a day. If you miss a mission, you can always redo it. This will give you agent point, which can be used to increase your level up to 50. Medals can also be earned by completing events and stamp books. You can earn unlimited levels if you’re lucky.

To level up quickly, you should play games. In the games, you can compete with other players for trophies and coins. You will receive more levels the higher your score. You can also receive medals by inviting your friends or winning fashion shows. Moreover, the higher your level, the faster you can level up. You can pretend to be a new user to learn how to level up in Fantage.

You can also level up in Fantage by raising your own pets. This will give you more rewards, such as ribbons, which you can use to buy items. You can also earn rewards for hatching an egg from your pet. These are a great way of quickly gaining gold. It’s worth trying them.

Once you get a few levels, you can go on to other activities to improve your character. You can earn 150+ levels if you enjoy participating in fashion shows or judging games. Playing games will earn you a level faster, but you need to do a lot of them to get the judge medal. It is important to choose themes that are easy to master. You can also use your experience points as a way to level up.

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