How Do You Like Your Bacon Meme

How Do You Like Your Bacon Meme?

The bacon meme is a fascinating concept in many ways. Although bacon isn’t great, people can talk about its deliciousness to increase their social media status. It is also indicative of a slow-moving trend in sociocultural trends that has spread across the internet. It is hard to trace the origin of this meme, so it is unlikely that any search will yield any results. But if you’re wondering where it originated, consider this:


This hilarious meme has spawned a series of spinoffs. It is a parody of the “How Homer Likes His Bacon” cartoon series. The spoof begins with Homer ordering room service and seeing a chili dog. Then, in the next episode, he sees a turkey behind the four-poster and reacts by trying to eat it! Marge is furious when Homer takes a “Pistol Whip” from her. The joke continues with the show’s iconic “How Homer Likes His Bacon” episode.

The episode’s title refers to the famous photo-a-day YouTube video. The episode opens with Homer wandering through a nursery filled with babies sucking on Pacifiers. This is a nod towards the classic film “The Birds” and a cameo appearance from Alfred Hitchcock. As the plot thickens Homer is forced out of town to move to a farm to grow ToMaccoes (a tomato-tobacco combination).

To promote The Simpsons, a telling-all special is made. The episode features Homer spouting painkillers, a disastrous trip to the motel, and a shady babysitter named “Ruff”. Jacques takes the family to Ethiopian restaurants, where Homer accidentally hits a baseball with a bat. Marge launches The Three Mouthketeers, a food blog.

The slapstick humor in this episode is so funny that it’s not hard to imagine a cartoon where Bart kills his wife with a fork. But, he does not get his way. Homer realizes his mistake and runs to the kitchen for more food. The funny thing about this story is that Bart doesn’t know about the slapstick comedy which makes it even more hilarious.

Homer Simpson

Homer, a bacon-shaped sandwich, is seen in the animated series The Simpsons. He also spray the bowling shoes at Bowlarama with oil and makes sure that the urinals have fresh cakes. Another popular meme has Homer eating pancakes, and he shows his girlfriend Lisa his beer-nut-filled mug. When Lisa complains that the bacon-shaped donuts she made are soggy, Homer drools all over her head.

The Simpsons is famous for referencing many popular memes. It has even inspired a browser game called “Hide Homer”. This meme is a popular one. It shows Homer trying avoid Ned Flanders, his neighbor, who is trying save the day. Despite his plight, Homer’s friend is trying to find another way out of Homer’s lair. Homer decides to make friends with Ned in this episode.

Lisa’s vegetarianism is further emphasized by the fact she rebukes Homer about serving meat-based meals in her class. Lisa eventually gives in to peer pressure and eats a hot dog from Kwik-E-Mart. However, her vegetarianism is not enough. She also encounters Troy McClure and the Meat Council, who criticize Lisa for her decision to be a vegetarian.

Homer’s cartoon

The following pages continue Homer’s bacon cartoon. Homer attempts to find a job online, and he sprinkles a crown of thorns onto his bowling shoes. He also eats the “good butter” that Marge carries in her car. Homer also ensures that the urinals are filled with fresh cakes. One of his favorite episodes features him tilting his chair at dinner to show Marge that he’s eating a mug of beer. He forgets the alcoholic beverage, but eats it instead. Homer makes Lisa a bacon sandwich, which she eats while pretending to be an egg. During the episode, Homer dreams about eating a double-decker KFC double-down sandwich. Ultimately,

A second episode of Homer’s bacon cartoon is filmed in a mental hospital. The episode ends with a duel between Homer and the wrong man, who insists on being satisfied by a duel. Homer eventually leaves home to live in the country and grows ToMaccoes, a tomato-tobacco hybrid. This vegetable is considered to be the most addictive food. The slapping montage is set to a B-52s send-up of “Love Shack,” so the whole episode is a blast.

The next day, Homer accepts a job offer from a super villain named Hank Scorpio. After all, he’s already built up his own community in Cypress Creek. When his family asks him to return to the house, he grudgingly does so, interrupting the battle royale between Homer and Scorpio brandishing a flamethrower. Then Bart and Milhouse set up a trap for him. They escape to a nearby Internet company. They are able to catch Homer just in time.

Homer’s spork

The spork bacon meme was born of a funny word and a hilarious object. Homer’s example of bacon made the word itself funny. Now the question is: How did you like Homer’s bacon joke? Let’s discuss. Firstly, why is bacon funny? It’s an object that is inherently funny. Homer used it in the episode when he says that “bacon is a delicious treat!”

Homer’s bacon salad

The title of this episode is a play on words, “bacon,” which refers to bacon. It is Homer’s favorite dish. It is also the most costly on the menu so it’s probably not a good idea for vegetarians to eat at Homers east restaurant. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence. In reality, bacon is a vegetarian food, but it is a healthy alternative.

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