How do you make a description of the experiment?

How do you make a description of the experiment?

The experiment description In order to be able to carry out an experiment correctly, a detailed experiment description is required. This should describe very precisely how to do what and in what order so that there is no unexpected explosion, as in the picture.

How do I make a test report?

Physics Test protocol (structure) Title (topic) and date. Question / task.Material (devices, objects of investigation) Assumption.Construction with sketch.Safety instructions.Implementation: Description of the process that is being carried out.Observation: Description of events / changes.Further entries … •

How do I prepare a protocol in chemistry?

What is done and what happens in the process belongs in the protocol of a chemistry experiment. “What happens in the process” means close observation. However, a chemical explanation is not to be given here. At the end of the implementation, the substances should be disposed of properly.

What does an evaluation include?

Evaluation: In the evaluation part, the recorded measurement data should be presented and evaluated. With the formulas derived from the theory, the unknown quantities of the experiment are now to be determined. You should look at them with regard to their errors and present the results of the experiment.

What is the plural of questionnaires?

Noun, mSingularPlural 2Nominativeof the questionnairethe questionnairesGenitiveof the questionnaireof the questionnairesDativeof the questionnaireof the questionnairesAccusativethe questionnairethe questionnaires

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