How do you make a good cover page?

How do you make a good cover page?

Create cover sheet in WordOpens the Word document in which the cover sheet is to be inserted.Click on the “Insert” tab.In the “Pages” area, click on the “Cover sheet” button.Select one of the templates displayed.Word creates the cover sheet as page 1.

How can I design a cover sheet for an application?

What information should be on the cover sheet? A headline: the title “Application” is sufficient. The desired position. Your full name and your contact details. A current and professional application photo. A table of contents about the documents in your application.

How do I design my application folder?

Application folder: Structure and content Cover letter (on or in the application folder) Cover sheet (optional) Curriculum vitae. Attachments with references, certificates and evidence.

What do I have to send with an application?

A complete application always includes a cover letter, curriculum vitae in tabular form and relevant attachments. So that the application documents do not look like a loose-leaf collection (especially if there are several documents), a so-called list of attachments is recommended.

What is meant by attachments in an application?

Enclosures are evidence of the information in the CV and provide a more detailed description of previous activities than is possible in the CV. Therefore, an application folder is always put together with attachments. An exception is the informal application and the short application.

Which documents for online application?

We recommend uploading the cover letter, curriculum vitae, the last two job references and the certificate of the highest educational qualification and, in the case of young professionals, also the highest school qualification as an attachment to the online application.

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