How do you make a link in the WhatsApp status?

How do you make a link in the WhatsApp status?

Instead of writing something, hold down the space until “Paste” appears. Tap on Paste. The link is then inserted. You can edit your WhatsApp status even further if you wish and add more text or picture effects before sharing it.

How can I set a link?

Enter the text to be clicked on in the text widget (this is then your link text). Select the link text. Then click on the “Link” symbol (this is the tenth symbol from the left in the text editing bar, a chain link with the word “Link”).

How can I add a link to an email?

How to insert hyperlinks in e-mails Click on New E-Mail Message. Write your e-mail as usual. Select the text that should act as a link. Switch to the Insert tab. Click the Hyperlink button. Make sure that the File or Website button is activated in the left-hand area of ​​the window. Other entries …

How can I copy a path as a link?

Press the Shift key and right-click on a file. Select “Copy as Path” from the menu. The path can then be inserted into an “Upload file” or “Open” dialog using Ctrl-V. “Copy as path” is also available in the context menu of folders.

How can I attach an email to another email?

Forward emails as attachments Open Gmail on the computer. Select the emails you want. Click on the three-dot menu Forward as attachments. Add recipients in the “To” field. Enter a subject, compose your message, click Send below.

How can I send an email as an attachment GMX?

Add file attachment Click on the paperclip icon above the text field on the left. Depending on the location of the file you want to add, click on Add attachment from hard drive or Add attachment from cloud. Highlight the file you want to add. Click on Attach or, if necessary, add

How can you forward several emails at once?

Forward multiple messages as a combined single message In an email folder, click one of the messages, press and hold down Ctrl, and then click each additional message. On the Start menu click Forward, or press Ctrl + F on your keyboard.

How can I send an email?

Write an email Open the Gmail app on your Android smartphone or tablet. In the lower right corner, tap “Write”. Enter the recipients in the “To” field. You can also add recipients like this: Enter a subject. Write your message. At the top, tap Send.

How do I send an email to WhatsApp?

You click on the paper clip in the chat window in the upper right corner of the PC WhatsApp, then you can attach a file or take a photo and send it. Sounds complicated at first, but once done it becomes child’s play, I promise. That depends on how heavy your email goods are …

How can I send scanned documents via email?

Home mode Insert the document, click the SCAN button on the left, select the document type and scan size, click the scan button, the scanned image will be displayed in the image viewer. Click Send E-mail and the Scan-to-E-mail dialog box will appear.

How can I send pictures by email?

In the photo tray, click Email. Select Gmail or your default email program. Sign in to your email account. Enter the recipient’s email address and a message text before sending the message.

How can I send multiple pictures by email?

You can also mark several images (press the left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key). When you have marked all the pictures, press the right mouse button. A context menu then opens. Go to the Send to entry and select E-Mail Recipient.

How can I send photos from my mobile phone by email?

Method 1 of 2: Open all controls by tapping the white arrow in the lower left. Tap the gallery and open the picture. Tap the share icon and choose the email you want.

How do I send pictures from the gallery?

You can send all photos and videos in your gallery directly via WhatsApp: To do this, start Messenger and open any chat. Tap on the small paperclip in the input field at the bottom. Via “Gallery” you can upload and send a photo from your gallery.

How can I send a picture?

You can send WhatsApp pictures as follows: Open WhatsApp and open the chat that you want to send pictures to. In the chat menu bar, tap on the paperclip symbol and then on “Gallery” to select the images you want.

How can I forward pictures?

This is how you can forward pictures and videos in WhatsApp: In the relevant chat window, scroll to the picture or video that you want to forward. Tap the little arrow directly to the left (iOS) or right (Android) next to the picture or video.

How can I send photos?

How to send pictures via MMS: Open the E-Mail app. Select the symbol with the blue pencil in the upper right corner. Now press the camera – to take a photo immediately or the paper clip so that you can select a photo on your device.

How can I send pictures via SMS?

Android: Send picture via email or SMS Open the “Messaging” app. Select + then select a recipient or open an existing message thread. Select + symbol to add an attachment. Tap the camera symbol to Take a picture or tap the Gallery Icon to browse for a photo to attach.

How do you send an MMS?

To send MMS, you have to switch to the classic messaging app that is preinstalled on the Android smartphone. Start a message and use the paperclip icon to add attachments such as voice messages or pictures.

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